Monday, December 14, 2009

Salsa Is Just Not For Chips!

I find the breakfast below to be a creative use for salsa. Nothing to wake you up in the morning like spicy hot pepper fire in the mouth! Although, a milder mix is just as delicious. Salsa is one of those foods which I call a negative calorie delicacy. The consistancy and ingredients within can actually help your metabolism rise. And guess what? Metabolism rising burns calories!

Scrambled Salsalida!
Eggs - Pinapple - Salsa - Toast

1 whole egg - (90 cals)
1 egg white - (12 cals)
5 chunks of Pineapple (10 cals)
1 Slice whole wheat toast w/Black Berry Jellie (100 cals)
2 tbls Green Mountian Gringo Salsa (10 cals)
1 c Coffee Black (15 cals)

Calorie Total - 237

This is getting into definite negative calorie territory. Be carefully with this because it can possibly cause your metabolism to slow. You do not want to go negative too much.

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