Monday, January 21, 2008

Diet Success

There is no doubt sticking to a diet is a hard habit to create. People who like to overeat desire to fulfill a perceived emptiness which does not exist physically, only psychologically. Whenever creating or changing a lifestyle there is a certain amount fear which can dominate a perspective.

The answer to succeed at change, real change with real lasting results is to take small steps. Steps sometimes so small you can not help but succeed. If your idea is to cut back on the portions of food you eat start to cut back with smidgins. One less grain of salt, one less grandular of sugar, one less potato chip, one less bite! Deal with what you can comfortably, realistically do. If you can do more, fine. If you have to do less, that's fine too. Time is not a factor in this concept of acheiving your goal, unless you make it a factor. The Small Step Diet is all about taking small steps. Those small steps will forever lead to bigger accomplishments.

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