Saturday, January 19, 2008

Little Victories - Exercise For Life

In any successful diet you should be utilizing a regular exercise routine. There are just so many healthy, physical, and mental benefits which can be derived from an ongoing routine. Many people have this, "no pain, no gain" attitude when exercising and it's detrimental to the overall concept of physical accomplishment. Exercising and your diet work together to boost metabolism. This is optimal for losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

Working out does not have to be hard work. You do not have to go to a gym, buy expensive exercise equipment, run 5 miles, or chop a chord of wood each day. It's not that those things are bad exercise habits, they would be quite good actually, you just don't have to do them to stay in decent physical shape and help in acheiving your weight loss goals.

Here's a list of calisthenics, if done regularly will give a great start to an easy exercise routine which you can do every day. If you do all the exercises on this list it might take you all of 5-10 minutes. The effects are enormous physically, and mentally will give you the attitude needed to continue exercising for successful weight loss.

We all learned these in elementary school I hope!
2: WIND MILLS - 10 Reps
Legs spread apart shoulder length. Opposit hand touches tip of toe.
3: LEG PUSHES - 10
Lie on your back. Legs straight out 6 inches off ground. Bring knees up to chest.
Lie on your back. Hands behind your heads. Bring opposite knee up to elbow.
5: PUSH UPS - 10
Real ones!!!

Walking a mile or so with this exercise routine really makes it complete, but if you just can't walk, these exercises done each day will help build and maintain muscle you need to successfully burn fat.

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