Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Best Worst Foods

It's not what you eat, it's how much of it you consume. All foods can be good for you. What is bad is eating too much of the worst foods. High content beef, butter, margerine, ice cream, pork, etc... All these foods have a very high consentrated fat content. What is important however is thinking you have to stay away from these foods and that's just not correct. You need a little of these foods so your bodies metabolism can begin to burn fat. In otherwords you need a little fat to burn more fat. Here are some foods you should be including in the Small Step Diet:

Lean proteins - Beef that is lean, nuts
Skim Milk - It's just better than whole milk
Butter - On toast, or in cooking. No more than a tea spoon ever!
Margerine - Use this the less, only when you don't have butter.
Olive Oil - Great fat!

Yes, beleive it or not you should be eating a little ice cream and cookies.
Staggering what you eat will help your metabolism boost even more especially
by combining fruits or vegetables with you meals. Remember: A Fiberous Carb,
A Starchy Carb, and a Lean Protein are what make up a basic meal.

One last food which I think is very good for you and tweaks your health.
Apple Cider Vinegar. The beneifits from this stuff are enormuous and will
will help practically dissolve fat. A little teaspoon of vinegar every day will
benefit your diet beyond measure.

Yes, eat some real fat in your diet ever day to help boost your metabolism to it's
highest fat burning level.

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