Saturday, January 26, 2008

Body Fat and Muscle

Me and my friend were have a conserversation yesterday about weight loss, building muscle, and generally talking about diet. He's one of these people which can usually take a thought and put it so precisely it seems as though he is spouting some great insight! Here was the gist of what we concluded, which is what you should be concluding in your diet, weight loss plans. Weight loss is a by product of body fat reduction. What you really should be trying to do in weight loss is reducing your body fat by building or at least maintaining muscle.

BMI is the acronym for Body Mass Index and there are all sorts of calculations you can choose to find out what yours should be. Your body mass index tells you basically the difference between your weight and muscle percentage. Don't get too caught up on this because in the Small Step Diet the goal is to reduce Body Fat percentage and a good diet, which means eating right every meal, plus a meaningful exercise routine will be your guide to both losing weight and building muscle.

Building muscle or at least keeping your muscle toned is the half of weight maintanance which should be concentrated on the most. Infact it is the focus which you definately should have when considering your weigh loss. The last thing you want to do in any weight loss program is lose muscle. Flab is the deathnail to not only keeping metabolism burinig at it's full furnace strength, but also will prevent a decently toned muscle.

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