Thursday, December 17, 2009

Staggering Calories

For dinner last night my lovely wife, to feed me in the spirit of all which is sacred and holy, thinks these three food ingredients eating thing really....WORKS! I've only been doing this for two years now with the occasional splurge. Which you must do every now and again.

One of the less talked about attributes of weightloss is a thing called, "Staggering Calories. This simply means sometimes a good splurge is beneficial because it actually tricks your metabolism into burning more. If you normally eat 400 calories in a sitting and then go to 600 for one meal your metabolism kicks into high gear. For those of you just starting out trying this you can really feel the burn. It's an amazing technique. I'm not recommending anything, but I do this staggering calorie exercise about twice a week.

Bread Crumb Chicken
Chicken - Broccoli - Mashed Potatoes

4 oz Breaded Chicken - (280 cals)
1c Broccoli cooked in chicken stock - (40 cals)
1/2 c Mashed Potatoes - (80 cals)
1/2 tbls Ranch Dressing - (70 cals)

Calorie Total - 470

I actually ate another 1/2 piece of Chicken which brought my total calorie intake to actually about 610. Staggering those calories not only gives you more energy to burn it makes me at least want to go exercise!!

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