Saturday, February 9, 2008

Eating Clean

Eating clean means eating high quality foods. Foods which have the most natural vitamins and no persevatives. This kind of eating can seem very bland, but the health benefits will make a big difference not only in the way you feel, but in the way you approach your health. When thinking about eating clean there is one word you need to get ingrained in your head. This word is LEAN. When thinking of lean foods, you must think of foods which you know will help you to remain lean. Below I've listed several foods which are lean and can give you an abundance of rich vitamins and other essential nutrients your body craves.

Whole Wheat Bread
Whole Wild Rice
Olive Oil
Wine (6 0z daily)
Nuts - Almonds/Walnuts
Green Tea
Raw Honey
Cottage Cheese
Lean Meat

Losing weight is really about losing body fat. That's the big difference in the Small Step Diet. If you do not consentrate on losing body fat then you are restricting a lean, tone body. Building or maintaining muscle is the real key to being fit and lean. Your body fat percentage should become your main focus over just losing weight. Eating clean will give you the nutrients your body need to maintain it's health, grow, and vibrant nature. By eating clean your metabolism is getting the most bang for it's buck. The is no question removing the sluggish foods from your diet and adding these lean foods will get the metabolism reved up. Adding a little exercise to build those muscles even adds more fuel to the fire.

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