Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Innovation can be a great and wonderous thing. Taking giants leaps to gain success is ideal for the ultimate over acheiver. There are people who do accomplish success by great innovation, but in my experience most do not succeed in their overall goals by trying to take giant leaps to move ahead. However, many do succeed by taking small, easy, steps. It's almost impossible to fail by using this method of taking one step at a time to proceed toward a bigger goal.

You might not be able to move the whole mountain of rocks at once, but what you can do is move one rock at a time, or maybe just a pebble.

The Small Step Diet revolves around this easy step concept. If you are overeating, and engaging in a completely unbalanced diet, then it is unrealistic to think you can break a cycle of a dependence 'cold turkey.' I'm not in any way saying you can't change your eating habits empatically, but your body expects a certain fulfillment, and a drastic alteration from the feeling of comfort takes unwavering will power to achieve.

Here is a little secret to know about any weight loss program. 1 to 2 pounds a week is optimal weight loss. Why not more? Because we want to lose fat, not muscle. Fat is what is harmful. When most talk about wanting to lose weight, it's not really weight they want to lose, it's fat. Body fat is what needs to be measured in a good weight loss plan. Losing more than 1 or 2 pounds a week might be an indication of losing muscle. Keeping this muscle is a goal of the Small Step Diet.

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